New Balance Enters the Fight Against COVID-19 By Making PPE


Normally, New Balance’s factories are humming along, making running shoes and other athletic wear. But they ground to a halt, along with nearly everything else deemed nonessential, when the dangers of COVID-19 became clear. 

As demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) grew across the U.S., New Balance realized it could meet some of that demand with the materials and production capability it had available. As soon as the idea hatched, the company sprang into action to quickly develop a prototype. They consulted with several local medical and lab institutions and mobilized two of their U.S. factories to produce general-use face masks. The plan is to make 100,000 of them per week once the operation is at full scale. 

But New Balance wasn’t the only running brand struck with this idea. If there is one shining lesson to come out of this extremely difficult time, it…

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