Navigating Coronavirus: How to Take Care and Stay Positive in Challenging Times


It’s time to take care.

There’s a lot of energy in the air, I know we’re all feeling a lot of emotions right now as we all do our part and our best to help flatten the curve of coronavirus globally.

I hear you and see you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful, but we’re in this together and I’m here to serve you in every way I possibly can with positivity and actionable tools you can use right now.

I know everything feels a little on tilt right now and it’s okay. It’s in our human psychology to want to know what comes next, have a plan, know the outcome, and right now the situation at hand with our world is forcing us to pause, to sit, to be still, and to actively wait. Mother Nature is here to help us slow down, pause, and connect.

How can you show up fully for yourself, so you can show up for others?

Just a loving reminder, in the midst of…

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