Mind-Body Balance: 8 Yoga Poses to Ground and Uplift You


Ever feel both sluggish and antsy at the same time? Maybe you spent the day working inside without catching any vitamin D; now you’re too tired to take a walk but too wired to crash on the couch. There’s one way to hit reset and find mind-body balance—get on your mat.

Here, yoga teacher Beth Shaw—author of Healing Trauma with Yoga: Go From Surviving to Thriving with Mind-body Techniques—shares an at-home sequence to support keyboard warriors who need to transition from work hours to “me” time. These poses will target your hips, shoulders, chest, back, and hamstrings, so you can open your body, release tension, and transition to your free time feeling good.


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Hold each pose for 5-10 breaths, and then rest in Savasana for a few minutes to round out your session.

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