Meet the Next Generation of Yoga Changemakers


Meet the rising yoga stars of Generation Z


  1. Tabay Atkins: Showing us how to follow your dharma, as the country’s youngest yoga teacher
  2. Ashley Domingo: Using Technology to Create Yoga Experiences for Gamers
  3. Maris Degener: Setting an example for how to work through anxiety, depression, and eating disorders
  4. Maryam Abdul: Teaching yoga and being a doula has helped her heal her community
  5. Natalie Asatryan: Bringing yoga to kids so she can change the world

Many are quick to tsk-tsk “kids these days” for nonstop smartphoning and a self-centered attitude. But this most-diverse generation, with nontraditional views on everything from gender identity to power structures, is more conscientious than you might think—and that’s especially true for these five up-and-coming yoga teachers (most of whom started practicing before they hit double…

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