Meal Planning and The Busy Mom


You may have heard that it saves time and money to plan your meals, but what happens when you don’t have time to even do the planning?  Keep reading for my tips for how to fit it in your busy schedule every week.

busy mom lookin at her computer meal planning

Tip #1: Change Your Mindset

For a long time, writing a meal plan for me was coming with a lot of procrastination . I knew Sunday afternoon would come and I thought to myself, “Aghh.. I need to plan my meals for the week.” I kept putting it off, putting it off, doing anything I could to NOT plan the meals.   However, if I just got it done, it would take no longer than ten minutes. I’m here to show you that’s possible!

So the first step into fitting meal planning into your life is to change your mindset to the “just get it done” mindset.   One of the most revolutionary books I’ve read (and I love reading…

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