Lose Your Gut and Drop Belly Fat


By Daniel Gwartney, M.D.

The average person not only is seeking to lose fat for the overall health benefit; he or she is typically fixated on one “problem area.” Many women are concerned about the appearance of “fleshy arms” or the eternal nemesis – cellulite. Yet, for men and women alike, the primary culprit is the belly. Late at night, or throughout the weekend, informercials hawk all varieties of exercise programs and widgets that promise a tight, ripped midsection. The implication is that working the abs will not only provide a rigid washboard of muscle, but also melt the overlying fat away in a tsunami of spot reduction. Is that the whole story? Not by a long shot. There is no such thing as spot reduction; furthermore, sporting a flat, fit and hard midsection takes consistent, hard work and your journey begins with the knowledge of what is really required to get the…

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