Lose More Weight by Drinking More Water


By Dan Gwartney, M.D.

It is incredibly simple to gain body fat. In fact, it is so basic that it commonly happens without intent; even worse, it happens when a person is trying to avoid fat gain. Surely, if a problem arises so naturally and simply, the solution must be equally simple and natural.

As has been demonstrated by the escalating obesity pandemic that threatens to overwhelm the Unites States health care system and has been exported to other Western cultures, preventing fat gain does not have a simple solution. In fact, it appears to be nearly unstoppable. Unfortunately, obesity also follows poverty, so it is no surprise that greater numbers may progress to overweight/obese status given the global pandemic and ongoing health, economic and financial crises that loom over the future of the Unites States.

Obesity is not inevitable, though; weight loss is possible, and it is…

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