LacticPRO™ for Improved Performance and Recovery


Perhaps your workouts are not going quite as well as they should. You’re pushing the weights to the max, when suddenly you become sidelined by discomfort, burning, tingling and cramping sensations. Not enough rest could be the culprit, or maybe it’s lactic acidosis at work undermining your efforts in the gym? Fortunately there is a solution for this fairly common yet serious problem: LacticPRO™, which reduces lactic acid buildup in muscle for increased muscular performance and improved muscle recovery. LacticPRO™ is a revolutionary product that unlocks reserves that you didn’t know you had, so you can train harder and longer and build more muscle, and get back in the gym sooner.

Increased Performance and Improved Muscle Recovery

Our body creates lactic acid naturally, but problems can arise when the lactic acid is produced at a higher rate than your body can process –…

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