Keep Your Appetite in Check With Power Bowls – Women’s Running


The better weather, higher mileage (running is now our only outlet), stress of working from home, and/or energy expended from chasing kids around all day, probably means that you’re experiencing a big appetite right about now. Combine this with being cooped up at home all day, and you might find yourself wandering into the kitchen a more frequently than usual. 

I love pretzels and chips as much as the next runner, but filling up on “empty” foods that are low in nutritional value can lead to nutrient deficiencies and weight gain (snack foods never truly satisfy a hungry runner). And on the flip side, dieting is not the solution, either. Dieting leads to imbalanced eating, an unhealthy relationship with food, and is simply no fun. Food is not our enemy and should be celebrated and enjoyed. 

Everything you eat should taste delicious so that at the end of a meal you…

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