Is Wellness Coliving the Key to Modern-Day Happiness?


Wellness coliving space Haven Coliving in LA’s Venice neighborhood.

Think dorm-style communal living is only for college kids? Think again. For those who hang their hats in wellness coliving spaces—where groups of people live (literally) on top of each other in repurposed residential properties in exchange for awesome amenities and greater affordability—adulthood has some similarities to collegiate life. These co-ops, which are popping up in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC, seek to improve housing affordability and mental health by providing the camaraderie of a fellowship with the amenities of a posh health club for a fraction of market rental costs.

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And these are no frat houses with beer-soaked carpets. Wellness coliving is like the Wing or Workbar but for your permanent digs. At Haven Coliving in LA’s Venice neighborhood (new locations in Echo Park and New York City are set to open in the fall), members live in Instagram-worthy spaces with a wide range of activities such as on-site yoga and meditation classes; group jogs and beach trips; fireside chats; TED-style talks by wellness leaders like Finian Makepeace, cofounder of sustainable-soil nonprofit Kiss the Ground; as well as sound baths and full-moon circles.

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