Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation Beneficial for Recovery? – Women’s Running


Electrical muscle stimulation units are becoming affordable enough for many athletes to have at home.

Athletes will try almost anything to heal an injury or get stronger including, now, sending electrical pulses through their muscles. Several different types of electropulse therapies including TENS, NMES, and EMS, are popping up in physical therapy practices, chiropractic offices, and even units marketed for home use.

These three most common types of devices (TENS, NMES, and EMS) achieve mostly the same results—in fact, NMES and EMS (standing for neuromuscular electrical stimulation and electrical muscle stimulation, respectively) are often used interchangeably. TENS, which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is slightly different in how it works, sending an electrical current to “pulse” the nerve and thus contract the muscle, says Brenna Canterbury,…

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