INSULOAD™ by Hi-Tech™


One of the greatest discoveries in the world of fitness over the past 10 years is the better understanding of carbs and how they relate to muscle growth. Carbs have become the evil stepmothers of the nutrition world, but for true massive muscle growth, carbs provide the link between ho-hum and wow. Not just any carb, but carbs utilized with highly functioning insulin, the most anabolic hormone our bodies naturally produce. Yes, insulin provides a much greater response to protein signaling and protein synthesis than testosterone, which allows incredibly fast muscle growth and density, but without the fat-inducing side effects seen in high-carb diets alone.

Hi-Tech has developed yet another brilliant way to increase muscle mass, safely and quickly. INSULOAD™ is an “insulin mimetic” that helps reduce the breakdown of muscle by increasing the body’s utilization of carbs, and with it,…

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