In Toronto, Now You Can Om Inside a Geodesic Dome


The Toronto yoga scene turned up the heat in June as 50 geodesic domes appeared downtown at the Stanley Barracks outside of Hotel X for five weeks (June 21–July 31) of hot—socially distanced—yoga.

As coronavirus cases in Toronto climb toward 15,000, the yoga domes, hosted by Lmnts Outdoor Studio and six of the city’s hottest local yoga and fitness studios (10XTO, Solis Movement, BeHot Yoga, and more), offer several safe and sweaty classes daily. The domes provide fitness and mindfulness enthusiasts with an opportunity to gather for group fitness during pandemic-related restrictions and continued city-wide closures of studios and other non-essential businesses. As yoga practitioners—and even teachers—experience “Zoom fatigue,” Toronto’s yoga dome pop-up offers an a way to maintain mental and physical health during unsteady times.

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