IMPACT™ Ignite


A good pre-workout can be your best training partner, energizing you once you hit the gym with a surge of power that unlocks your muscle-building potential for maximum growth and performance. One pre-workout that you should definitely check out is IMPACT Igniter from ALLMAX® Nutrition. We’ve tried a lot of pre-workouts, taken a ton of formulas for test drives, and IMPACT™ Igniter really delivers. IMPACT™ Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective pre-workout that gave us exactly what we wanted— results!

Anabolic Jolt

It didn’t take long for IMPACT™ Igniter to kick in. A couple of guys in our group looked like they were running on two cylinders earlier in the morning, but IMPACT™ Igniter provided the anabolic jolt needed to power through the workout. We all remarked how we felt energized, had better pumps and were able to push harder and recover faster, and get back to the…

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