How Yoga Teacher Training Can Help You Find Your Power and Voice


When I walked into my first yoga teacher training, I was on unstable ground. I was newly married, had just left my career in film and theatre, and was grappling with anxiety and depression. Ready to step into my next chapter, I decided to move back to Colorado, where I’d attended college and met my husband. I had zero dollars in my bank account and no community to fall back on.

I wore a purple T-shirt with wolves on it that day that was a gift from a relative. I thought it was funny. It was a Wednesday. “Wolf Wednesday,” I said to my husband as I left the house. “It’ll be a good ice-breaker.” I was so nervous, my palms were sweating. In my bag I’d packed the entire suggested reading list, plus two notebooks, pencils, my yoga mat, and snacks to share with everyone. I desperately wanted this…

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