How to Shop Safely to Protect Yourself from Germs


Reduce your risk at the grocery store! Shop safely by taking these steps to protect yourself (and your community!) when you need to leave the house the shop for food during COVID-19.

Keep shopping smart! Also see 10 Fresh Produce Items with a Long Shelf Life.

As COVID-19 has spread across the United States, millions of people have been asked to stay home, leaving the house only for essential trips to the grocery store and pharmacy.

With those orders can come a real sense of anxiety about leaving the house at all! It’s hard not to wonder if those trips to the store might expose us or our family members to the virus. The truth is, there IS risk in these trips.

But of course, food is essential. And you can take steps to minimize your risk while you get the food your family needs to ride out these days of quarantine. Here’s what you…

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