How to Promote Your Yoga Teaching with Authenticity


For a long time I was content to be anonymous as a yoga teacher. In 2015, despite teaching for nearly two decades and co-owning a reputable studio in Montreal for five years, I was comfortable hiding behind my studio brand. It was easy to pour my energy into building up our faculty and trainings in email newsletters, social media posts, and flyers around the neighborhood. But talking up myself as a teacher? Yikes—that was too scary and vulnerable.

For author and yoga teacher Barrie Risman, the idea of marketing her offerings used to feel “icky” and unnatural. In this piece, she shares what shifted her perspective on self-promotion, so she could share her authentic voice and build a meaningful online community. 

As a result, my personal impact remained limited. I watched other teachers with less training, experience, and skill become Lululemon…

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