How To Play With Seasonings and Spices


Learning to play with seasonings and spices will give you the confidence you need to create any dish you please.

The basics of cooking rely upon a good understanding of seasoning and spices. Knowing when to use seasoning, which spices to choose and when enough is the key to cooking success.

Seasonings and spices have the ability to transform any dish. When you have the knowledge and the skill to turn something plain and regular into an exciting, delicious dish, there’s no stopping you in the kitchen.

Here we’ll teach you the ins and outs of spices and seasonings!

Importance of Spices and Seasonings

How many times have you made a big, healthy meal, taken the first bite and thought to yourself, “well, this just tastes like a bland pile of ingredients.”

I promise you’re not the only one!

It’s the combination of seasonings and spices that turns a bland pile of…

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