How to Overcome Excuses and Stick With Your Healthy Habits


It happens to us all.

You set all of these great intentions and habits and then when the moment comes to follow through, you somehow manage to find a really great excuse for why you can’t do it. 

Raise your hand if that sounds like something you’ve done! 

Well, we’re human and making changes, even positive changes, makes our minds want to resist.

I get asked all of the time, “McKel, how do you have so much motivation to stick with your routines?!” 

I don’t — I’m not a unicorn — I definitely experience that same feeling of lack of motivation and all of the excuses you do, but I have a little trick for navigating them. 

So I’m sharing with you a super simple practice that you can do in the moment when an excuse arises to realign your actions.

Ok so this happened to me a couple weeks ago. I woke…

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