How to Make a Healthy 5-minute Spinach Smoothie


The ultimate healthy green smoothie for on-the-go, made in under 5 minutes with plant-based protein, greens, healthy fats, and fruit!

The title says it all. The 5 Minute Spinach Smoothie is one of my go-to green smoothie “recipes” that I make if I’m in a bind and don’t have all the ingredients to make my Stripped Green Smoothie.

It’s a great recipe for if I’m in the mood for something else or if I want to share this smoothie with friends and family who are new to the whole “green smoothie thang.” Just like my Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie, this 5 Minute Spinach Smoothie is great to ease into the world of green smoothies with spinach, bananas, and natural sweeteners.

Spinach is a great green to use for beginner green smoothies for a couple of reasons, starting with the fact that it’s easy on your blender. Most of my clients and readers ask…

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