How to Intentionally Practice Balance With Your Food Choices


Healthy eating shouldn’t feel restrictive or rigid.

It’s important to build in flexibility into your regular habits to allow for times when they’ll be broken.

There are so many times in life where there are external circumstances that require or force us to pivot, adjust, and be flexible in order to go with the flow.

I know this may seem contradictory, especially since so many diets and plans have taught you that you have to be strict with the way you eat and with your lifestyle habits.

Even if you’re not currently following a strict diet or plan, this same mentality likely still appears subconsciously from it being so ingrained in our society — it’s the whole “all or nothing” thought process here that doesn’t actually work for any of us in real life.

Being too rigid can cause you to develop some unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that can be more damaging…

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