How to Dial-In Your Personalized Heart Rate Zones – Women’s Running


An easy, common-sense approach to finding your max heart rate without a laboratory stress test.

Never has so much been given to so many. Smart watches, smart phones, and smart apps produce reams of valuable intelligence. People have so much more data than ever before at their fingertips to use—if they are smart enough to understand it and agile enough, mentally and physically, to apply it.

This is especially true with heart rate data, which can now be read by myriad devices: straps, watches, earbuds, even rings. But what do those accumulated beats per minute really tell you and how should you react? Whole books have been written on the subject—like the one we wrote: Heart Rate Training—but at a minimum, as soon as you strap on a new heart rate monitor, you need to understand some things about individual variability.

Irrational Numbers

In general, the reported numbers…

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