How TikTok is changing the Face of Yoga


The Chinese video-sharing service TikTok combines the brevity of Vine and the story-telling capabilities of YouTube. In 60 seconds or less, the app’s yoga-centric subset of video creators serve up challenge or partner postures to viewers, and spread the love with heartwarming clips of their yoga evolutions.




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Yoga holds a unique space in our technological landscape because the ancient practice is continually growing and being disseminated through hyper-modern mediums.

Take Bholi Parihar and Divyansh Sharma, both 22, a duo better known as @ProYogaExperts on TikTok. They have received more than 1 million likes on their rhythmic yoga videos. The uniqueness of TikTok, they believe, is that “anybody can see your videos no matter if they follow you or not, so good content generally gets its appropriate appreciation.”

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