How Running Can Help You Cope During Pandemic – Women’s Running


The skills that allow you to adapt and endure during a race can get you through the challenge and unpredictability of the coronavirus pandemic.

At uncertain times like now there are many concerns, but there are also opportunities, especially relating to running. As a coach, I’ve had dozens of conversations over the past week about this exact topic, and found a few key concepts that have helped my runners cope with this coronavirus pandemic.

Tap Your Distance Runner Adaptability, Positivity and Endurance

There’s a big overlap between the endurance running skill set and what’s needed to deal with current circumstances. For example, if things aren’t going as expected in a race, it’s vital you recognize that instead of trying to stick to plan A while stressing about how the plan no longer fits. If it’s a hotter, wetter or windier day than expected, then the sooner you…

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