How Runners Can Treat And Prevent Charley Horses


It’s a runner’s worst nightmare—you’re running the last mile of a marathon you’ve spent months training for and you’re stuck with a debilitating leg cramp. For readers unaware of what a charley horse is, it’s the name for a leg cramp that is severely painful. One moment you’re flying, the next you’re hobbled, in agony. For years we pointed fingers at dehydration or electrolyte loss as the culprits. But neither cause holds up to close examination. Studies on ultra-distance runners and triathletes indicate that neither hydration nor electrolyte status is directly associated with cramping—even if you seem to cramp more on hot days. Conventional wisdom fails again.It’s easy to wonder: why charley horses occur in the first place, how you can avoid them and what you’re supposed to do when you’re experiencing one. Here’s a complete guide to…

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