How Not Sleeping Enough Can Influence Food Choices & Tips for Sleeping Better


We all have those nights — or even weeks — when getting enough or quality sleep seems nearly impossible. 

A checklist of to-dos, stress, and worry can all lead to sleep problems, including how much shut-eye we get and how deep we sleep.

Or, if you’re a night-owl, shutting down and unwinding in the evening can be difficult for you to do consistently. The thing is, sleep is so important to a healthy lifestyle, and while it may seem really simple, it’s often overlooked. 

Our health is so interconnected and to be able to eat well and move often, quality zzz’s are important. When you sleep well, you’re more likely to make better choices throughout your day, and when you do that, you can be more present, productive, and attentive in everything you need to conquer in your day. 

But when you don’t get enough sleep, it can influence your food choices.

Research has…

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