How Meal Planning Can Help Picky Eaters


If you have meal planned at all in your life, you know that it can help you spend less at the store, be more organized, and keep your stress down around cooking for your family.  But, did you know that meal planning might help improve what a picky eater, eats?  

Having a Picky Eater is Hard

As a dietitian who has worked with thousands of parents, I have seen how hard it is to put together a meal for kids that don’t eat a large variety of foods.  That becomes even harder when you are trying to make a meal last minute. Typically, by the time dinner rolls around, it just seems easier to feed that “picky” eater whatever you know they will eat.  It is too much effort and might seem like a waste of time to bother with something they aren’t going to eat anyways.  But this may cause a self-fulfilling prophesy because by serving…

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