How Kristin Shifted From Restricting and Bingeing to Happiness and Health


Kristin, one of our Mindful Nutrition Method™ members, shared with us that she always worried about her weight and what she looked like.

Because of this, she was constantly going back and forth between restricting and binging.

She even shared that she’s really good at losing weight, but she wasn’t able to maintain it for the long-term and she was “miserable” in the process.

She began using the practices and tools we teach inside of The Mindful Nutrition Method™, and this is what she shared just a couple of months later she has been able to let go of the diets and finally find balance, peace, ease, and consistency that she was looking for so long.

I really truly believe that this has helped transform my life. I have gone from feeling miserable and honestly depressed and very stressed around food to now feeling excited to cook and to eat, and yeah, there’s not…

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