How Good Is Your Sexual Fitness?


 Sex and fitness go together like, well, sex and fitness! Test your sexual know-how with 10 true-or-false questions taken from our past online articles.


  1. True or False: An unlikely team of scientists and porn actresses banded together with a variety of vibrators to find the exact location of the fabled G-spot. After months of tedious research, the team discovered that every woman has a tiny button of pleasure located on the upper right side of the vagina.


  1. True or False: Day or night, sex is good for your health.


  1. True or False: While the male hormone testosterone boosts a man’s carnal appetite, it does nothing to increase a woman’s sex drive.


  1. True or False: Sex prevents the common cold.


  1. True or False: While body piercing may be very sexy, it can lead to serious medical complications that are not so sexy.


  1. True or False: Citizens of the United States have more…

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