How (and Why) to Hit Negative Splits in Your Next Race


In almost every racing scenario, negative splits are the ideal pacing strategy.

A negative split is when the second half of a race is faster than the first half. For example, if you race a 10K with 5K splits of 25:30 and 24:30 for a 50:00 finish time, you’ve just ran a negative split—your second split time is less than your first.

It may seem more difficult to run negative splits on race day, but in fact it can be easier and is often the route to your best performance. It takes 1-2 miles to properly warm up during a race. By then, your joints are fully lubricated, adrenaline and other performance-boosting hormones are peaking, and muscles are primed to work at their most efficient capacity.

In short, you’re not ready to run at your best until the middle of the race—making a negative split easier to attain, and more effective, than most think.

When the opposite…

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