Home Yoga Inspiration from New Mom and Body Image Activist Ashley Graham


Mothers out there know how difficult it can be to get back to a routine postpartum. Now, on top of adjusting to being a new mom, there is also the mental and physical stress of a pandemic. Despite all that, supermodel and body positivity advocate Ashley Graham is showing up to her mat, ready to restart her yoga practice.

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Even though it may be more challenging than usual, the 32-year-old host of the podcast Pretty Big Deal is finding a way to feel like herself again after giving birth to her first son, Issac.

Earlier this week, Graham posted a series of videos showing her flowing through poses. She swan dives into a series of Sun Salutations at home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Graham posted on Instagram: “13 weeks postpartum and I’m starting to sort of feel like myself again after giving birth. New mamas- how many weeks postpartum are you?”


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