Home Workout: Don’t Be a Prisoner


Take “home is where the heart is” to the next level. Keep the same drive and motivation at home as you did at the gym. Put your heart into your home, working out as if you were at the gym. Believe me, this does stink that the gyms are closed but that does not mean you cannot get a solid workout in. I have jogged more in the past week than all of 2019. It is the incentive factor that is tough to amp up at home. Here are a few ways to put some gas on that motivation fire.

Play Some Music

Music increases stimulation. This is because music is able to increase stimulation, as there’s a connection between auditory neurons and motor neurons. That’s why music often makes us more mobile and motivates our body to move. Physical activity sparks mental activity; therefore, music fuels productivity and motivation.

Watch a Few Workout Videos

For me this one is just a preference….

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