Holistic Hamstrings: Poses to Stretch and Strengthen These Key Muscles


We work with our hamstrings a lot in yoga, oftentimes focusing quite intently on stretching these muscles. But healthy hamstrings aren’t just flexible—they’re strong and nimble too. After all, these muscles are key for everyday activities, such as walking and squatting. This sequence offers a variety of hamstring moves. Yes, there are plenty of stretches, but you’ll also work on your stability and balance, strengthening your hamstrings and, eventually, relaxing them.

Pro tip: in the poses that offer a stretch, focus the stretch on the belly of the muscle rather than at the attachments (your hamstring attachment points are at the knees and sitting bones). If you feel pulling in either of these areas, back off by bending your knees slightly and engaging your core a bit more diligently.


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