Holiday Cranberry Black Bean Brownie Bars


It’s that time of year where high-calorie desserts and dishes surround us and can make it hard to keep our waistlines trim. Too much sugar and fat can reverse all the progress you have been working so hard for! Instead of eating too many sugary, high-fat foods, it is important to load up on treats that taste amazing but won’t jeopardize your hard work.

The best thing you can do around the holidays is get creative with your cooking and find ways to have the things you are craving without all the unnecessary sugar and fat. With simple swaps, you can turn a high-calorie treat into a delicious and healthy creation! Don’t let all the temptations around you set you back— rather, use them to inspire you to come up with your own healthier variations.

To help curb cravings this holiday season, check out my high-protein, gluten-free holiday Cranberry Black Bean Brownie Bars as a…

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