Hermit Cookies – Super Healthy Kids


Hermit Cookies are the perfect stay-at-home baking project! These old-fashioned favorites are filled with dates, walnuts, and whole grains. And they’re lower in sugar, so you can even have one for breakfast!

sideways view of hermit cookies stacked on a plate

A few weeks ago in the grocery checkout line, I noticed a woman in front of me buying a bakery item called “Hermit Cookies.” I was immediately charmed by the name, but I had no idea what they were!

What Are Hermit Cookies?

When I got home I looked them these cookies, and learned they’re an OLD recipe, made in American in the 1800s and famous for staying fresh for a long time.

I had to try making a batch of my own, Super Healthy Kids style!

And they were SO yummy: soft, nutty, studded with chewy dates, and spiced with cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. They taste like fresh gingerbread, like coziness and hunkering…

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