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The weekends are a great time to try a new recipe, or two. Typically, the weekends offer a little more downtime so take advantage of it and get creative. Find a recipe you wish to try and go for it! If the recipe isn’t completely healthy, there are ways you can modify any recipe to make it healthier and “Gina Approved”.  Just as important as choosing healthy foods is to your overall success, how you cook your foods and what you add to them is just as important. You can make a healthy food option unhealthy by how you prepare and cook it.Let’s take zucchini, for example. This is a completely healthy food choice, wouldn’t you say?  If it is simply raw, sautéed in a touch of healthy oil (coconut, olive, etc), grilled, baked, or broiled it is completely healthy. Now that same “healthy food” can become unhealthy when it battered and deep fried or lathered in butter and…

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