Ham It Up Sculpt Sexy, Strong Legs Copy


Glutes get all the attention these days. However, nothing complements your backside like tight, sculpted hamstrings. Besides being a synergist to many glute movements, shapely hamstrings add sexy curve to one’s profile and are the perfect accessory for your skinny jeans, shorty shorts, and leggings. Even more important than appearance, well-trained hamstrings are critical to injury prevention, especially with athletes.

In fact, hamstring injuries are one of the most common in sports. And, you don’t have to suit up for a match or game to be at risk. Hamstring injuries typically occur during running and sprinting, especially with fast bursts and quick stops. Since we know you are incorporating HIIT sprints regularly into your training, hamstring strength and conditioning are essential for keeping you out of the doctor’s office, in the gym and on track to your goals.

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