Half Moon Pose – Yoga Journal





  1. Begin in Utthita Trikonasana with the right leg in front and the upper torso square to the long side of the mat.
  2. Bring the left hand to the hip and turn and look to the floor to the right without allowing the left ribs to collapse forward.
  3. Bend the right knee, tracking it in line with the second toe.
  4. Adjust the right hand and the left foot to the right, shift the weight into the right foot and lift into Ardha Chandrasana.
  5. Place the right hand beneath the right shoulder and take the left hand to the ceiling, stacking it above the right hand.
  6. Have the left thigh parallel to the floor with the foot flexed –make sure you can just see your left big toe.
  7. With each inhale find more length along the spine; with each exhale revolve around that length.
  8. Spin the right ribs forward and the left ribs back.
  9. Firm the right buttock forward and under while…


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