Guide to Healthy Grocery Shopping


Whether you are new to dieting, or have been following a healthy, fit lifestyle for a long time, one of the most challenging tasks you may have is going grocery shopping. Sticking to a healthy diet is challenging enough, and navigating the grocery store can be overwhelming when you are super hungry and super tired, especially if you are in those last few weeks of diet mode before a big show, or are dieting down for vacation or a special event. Walking into the grocery store without a plan of action can result in the wrong food choices and a diet meltdown! If you are challenged by grocery shopping, try these five tips on your next trip.

Tip #1 – Do Not Shop Hungry

Avoid going anywhere near a grocery store when you are hungry, which means do not grocery shop after your workout. If you do, then bring a post-workout meal with you. If you are serious about your results— weight loss…

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