Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – Super Healthy Kids


Prepare to be amazed by this healthier version of decadent chocolate cake with a surprise ingredient that makes all the difference!

Quinoa Chocolate Cake, a healthier version of everybody's favorite!

Baking with Quinoa

This Gluten Free Chocolate Cake challenges a lot of what we think we know about cake.   There’s no regular flour whatsoever in this but it does have an unusual ingredient…quinoa!  I’m sure you’ve had quinoa in a salad or a side dish, but I’m guessing you’ve never considered it as a dessert ingredient.  Here it takes the place of flour and gives this cake a moist, fluffy texture.  Who knew?

Some recipes might call for quinoa flour. In this recipe, you will actually used whole cooked quinoa and blend it with your other ingredients. Quinoa is known for its high nutrient content – protein, fiber, and b-vitamins. What it is less known for is its ability to create…

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