Get Shapely and Sexy Shoulders


It is effortless to keep areas like thighs and hips in mind when you are exercising because they are easily seen from the front and in any mirror. However, unless you position yourself between a couple of mirrors, even areas that are in view to others – like your upper back and rear shoulders – are difficult to for you to see. Sometimes that translates into “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to planning your exercise routine. If that is you, then your upper back and shoulders may be somewhat neglected; they may be a little weaker and have less shape than you’d like. If you want to look your best in your sleeveless and/or off-the-shoulder holiday clothes, you may want to spend a little time training these “out of sight” muscles.

The shoulder is a complex structure and that makes it harder to deal with. That’s because the deltoid muscle of the shoulder is not…

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