GAT SPORT Ups the Ante:


GAT SPORT reintroduces its premier pre-workout, NITRAFLEX®. With even more highly energizing focus and its trademark hyperemia muscle pumps and strength, NITRAFLEX® is powering resistance training and global athletics.

Charles Moser, GAT SPORT President & CEO, says, “It is time that our NITRAFLEX® flagship formulation improved upon our 2010 gold standard formula.”

Over the years, NITRAFLEX® has inspired an enormous number of competitors clamoring for market share and yet GAT SPORT continues to reign.

And in their effort to bolster their position, GAT SPORT has just announced sweeping plans to double down on its flagship brand with an epic reformulation and rerelease by Director of Innovation, Max Fairchild, who says, “Without question, this is our strongest and best-tasting NITRAFLEX® yet,” and adds “This rerelease of the flagship standard bearer, NITRAFLEX®,…

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