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Are you a Fitness Phenom or a Fledgling Fitness Fanatic? Take the test and see! Following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods. Can you tell which statements are true and which ones are false? See below for answers.


  1. In addition to building strong bones, calcium also helps burn fat.


  1. Intense exercise increases the appetite while moderate exercise decreases the urge to eat.


  1. A basic principle of weight training is to work small muscle groups first, then move up to large muscle groups.


  1. Weight training burns calories during and after exercise.


  1. A common side effect of weight training is chubby calves.


  1. A diet including whole grain foods promotes fat storage that will make you look bloated.


  1. One benefit of Pilates is improved posture.


  1. To maintain weight loss, the USDA recommends 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily.


The Answers


  1. True….

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