Farm to Table: The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food


As athletes, we love control—and that can extend into the foods we put into our bodies. Sure, buying organic at the grocery store is great—the produce has obviously met certain standards that control the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. But you can reap even more benefits out of your greens by growing them yourself, says Kim Schwabenbauer, R.D., a board-certified sports dietitian and the owner of Fuel Your Passion Sports Nutrition Counseling & Endurance Coaching.

“Beyond just knowing how they were grown,” she says, “you control when you harvest the food. Those plants that have enough time to ripen in the garden and then are eaten shortly after retain more nutrients than those that have to be picked early and then travel to your local grocery store.” Both light and heat can degrade some of the nutrient content when your fruits and veggies make that…

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