Fans of Running Are Out Strong in Support of Today’s Olympic Trials


One of the great things about sports is the camaraderie that comes from supporting a person or a team. Watching a sporting event is a time where we take pause to revel in the amazing feats that our fellow human beings are accomplishing after a lot of hard work. It’s fun to be twelfth man—so to speak—and to feel like you are a part of something big. 

That is certainly the case for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, which kicks off today (12:08 pm ET for the men’s race and 12:20 pm ET for the women’s race). Friends, families, co-workers, coaches, and running fans have been showing their love all week for the nearly 700 runners that are about to hit the hilly course. 

Atlanta rightfully anticipated a big fan turn-out, designing the course so that spectators can see the racers up to six times in some spots. And with what is expected to be a tough 26.2 miles in front of them with fierce competition all around, these Olympic hopefuls are going to need all the support and crowd energy they can get.

So far marathon fans have showed up in the form of cheering sections donning their red, white, and blue: 

They’ve been working hard to get their signs ready, choosing to go extra bright so a speedy runner might actually see them or focusing on a clever slogan that could go down in history:

While Dr. Jacqueline Alnes is turning her excited energy into artwork (which you can buy on her Etsy page): 

And self-proclaimed “cookier,” Justin Charboneau is giving his wife, Brittany Charboneau, the sweetest pre-race gesture:

But it’s the kids that are really showing the grown-ups how to have that U.S.A. Olympic spirit as they treat their moms and teachers to adorable hand-made signs and inspirational chants: 

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