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This entry was posted on 06/15/2020 by Aurelia.

What’s the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

An antiperspirant works to prevent the release of sweat whilst a deodorant will minimise or mask body odour. A lot of traditional products are ‘antiperspirant deodorants’ and so act to reduce sweat, prevent odours and often include a fragrance as well.

How do traditional antiperspirant deodorants work?

Most regular products (the sort you would grab off the shelf from your high street pharmacy) contain aluminium. Using aluminium salts interferes with our body’s natural response and will block and alter sweat ducts, preventing the release of sweat. Most products will also contain alcohol based ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Interestingly our sweat doesn’t actually smell – it is the bacteria that lives on the surface of our…

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