Everything You Need to Know About Immunity


Not all stress is negative. When you transform distress into eustress you can strengthen your immune system.


Fear and stress amidst challenges, like a pandemic, are completely natural. Although we can’t stop these emotions (nor is it healthy to try), we can control our reaction and response to them. Stress—particularly distress—negatively affects your immunity and wellbeing. Luckily, we can use yoga to transform distress to eustress.


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  1. What the Heck is Eustress?
  2. Immunity Basics
  3. The Neurological and Hormonal Effects of Distress
  4. How Yoga Reduces Stress
  5. Positive Stress Vs. Negative Stress
  6. 3 Tips to Build Immunity

What the Heck is Eustress?

Eustress is a beneficial type of stress that allows us to be resilient and thrive.

It is natural to feel tension in your body, have…

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