Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Journal Prompt


Try this daily journaling prompt from Elizabeth Gilbert to access the divine, unconditional love that’s within us all. Every single day, I write a letter—a dialogue between myself and Love. It’s shockingly simple and radically life changing. All you have to do in order to respond to yourself as Love is imagine what you wish somebody else would say to you, and write it down. What have you been longing to hear another human being say to you your entire life? You write that.

I write to Love in the morning and say, “I’m really anxious. I’m really depressed. I’m really scared, and I think I f—d up, and I don’t know what I’m doing.” Then I think, if the most loving human being who I’ve always wanted and longed for was in the room, what would they say?

So then I write: “I’m right here. You’re fine. I’ve got you. I’ve…

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