Elite Runners Share Their Dogs on Social Media – Women’s Running


If there’s one group that’s loving all extra at-home time, it’s working moms with young children. Just kidding, it’s dogs. With social distancing and shelter-in-place orders throughout the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus, humans are home and their furry friends are just loving the extra quality time.

two dogs sit near each other at home
Women’s Running Senior Writer Erin Strout has two attentive coworkers making sure she hits her deadline at home.

But while dogs with homes are having the time of their lives during the coronavirus pandemic, shelters are having a tough time finding people to adopt or foster. With so many people staying in, they are seeing less foot traffic from dog-lovers looking for a new best friend. Really, now is a great time to bring in a new animal friend while there is an abundance of time to bond and train a pup in need. Also, Monday is #NationalPuppyDay, according…

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