During COVID-19, Tele-Health Services Boom – Women’s Running


Physical therapists around the country are offering remote sessions—which can sometimes be better than being there in person.

About two weeks ago, Sonja Peneueta threw her back out moving a car seat. This isn’t her first rodeo with back problems, so she tried figuring it out on her own. But by the time she realized she needed expert help, COVID-19 had effectively blocked the door. At home with her three kids, her situation was not exactly an emergency, but it was far from ideal.

“I thought, gosh, now I have to live with it,” Peneueta says.

Until she realized, she didn’t have to: Sarah Ceschin, a Doctor of Physiotherapy in Boulder, Colorado, had just announced via Instagram (Peneueta was a follower) tele-health services for those who were finding it hard to get to a clinic. That was music to Peneueta’s ears, especially since she lives in Virginia.

“We’ve talked…

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